Beef Rinds 101 – Holy Cow

Beef Rinds 101

  • Eat more beef organs: improve your health & save the environment

    Meat consumption is rising and wreaking havoc on the environment, but there's a surprisingly easy solution we can apply in our own kitchens to completely reverse the damage.
  • Upcycling to Save the Environment

    What are cowhides used for? Leather, right?! Well, under normal market conditions yes. But, as-of-late millions of cowhides have been discarded in...
  • Beef Rinds: The Ultimate Keto Snack

    Have you adopted the ketogenic lifestyle and are struggling to find convenient snack foods? You're not alone! I say with great pleasure that the ultimate solution has arrived: Beef Rinds.
  • Where Are Beef Rinds Sourced From?

    In today's day and age sourcing is paramount. Our core values are centered around quality sourcing, nutrition and ingredients. As more information ...
  • How Does Beef Compare to Pork?

    When it comes to the red meat of choice, most people are divided. While some sing praises for its high nutritional value, others are concerned abou...